Brothers and Sisters Together

I had the amazing opportunity to take pictures of these incredible kids. This is their first, and possibly last picture for a few years with all of their siblings together. They are all being adopted into different homes. It is a wonderful thing, but they won't all see each other again like this for quite some time.
It was an honor for me to be there for this happy reunion. I fell in love with their sweet smiles and I will always be hoping for the best for them.


Another beauty. And such a sweet girl. 


This girl is hot. No way around it! So fun to work with her!

Beckee and Sam

I love these 2 so much! Beckee wanted some pictures of her and Sam for her husband's desk at work as his Christmas present. What a great present! I just can't get enough of that fuzz on Sam's head! What a stud.

The Lake Family Cousins

What a blast! These kids were so much fun! This was their Christmas gift to their Grandma this year. They braved the cold and the snow just for her. How sweet are they? I love all of them! What cuties!